About us


Our Spanish adventure began when we stumbled across Cadiz, quite by accident, during a 2016 cruise.

Having completely fallen in love with the city we said goodbye to our previous lives in Central Portugal and moved lock, stock and barrel to the city. We went on to create and run No. 14 & No. 38 Cadiz, both luxury adults only self-catering apartments. We were blown away not only by the amount of wonderful people we met, but with the success of the apartments too.

Then along came 2020 and the devastating impact of Covid 19. Having both been unlucky enough to be seriously affected by the virus, we took the following months to decide if we wanted to continue city life or if indeed this was a sign that the universe was moving us towards a new chapter in our lives.

In February 2021 we visited Arcos de la Frontera, and it was here, as we walked its Roman streets and absorbed its unique location, that we knew we'd found the place to start our next chapter. Initially opening accommodations on the prestigious Arcos Gardens Golf Club & Country Estate, we never tired of looking for the next adventure! Boutique Suites is the evolution of our experience to date. A unique, intimate & relaxing environment situated in the heart of this historic & fascinating town.

The result of a decade long dedication to luxury accommodations & outstanding guest experiences.

We believe that travelling should be rewarding and that those little finishing touches can make your stay into something unforgettable.

We know when we travel, we expect amazing wi-fi, with connected media offering you on demand content, USB charging points for mobile devices, and supplies of amenities and accessories.

That's why we offer all of this, and more, to you.

We live to host, and to do it well. Our reward?

Hearing that you've had an amazing experience whilst staying with us.

We invite you to come and experience our hospitality for yourself.

Meeting people is the greatest joy in life, and we cannot wait to share our passion with you.

Gareth & Paul



   Francis Relinque - Head Concierge

Born in Cadiz and raised in Madrid.

Graduated in Tourism at the University of Alcalá, completing my studies at the IAE Nice graduate school of Management in International Hotel Management.

I consider myself passionate about the sector, proud of my origins, always willing to share the secrets that this marvelous land hides.

Helena Diez - Concierge

I was born and lived in Madrid until I finished my degree and moved to Germany. I spent around four years there working and learning the language until I finally decided to start my family in this wonderful place.

There is nothing that makes me happier than the feeling that a very cold Coca Cola produces in the sun, surrounded by friends and family, with the breeze on my face. And that, precisely, is the feeling that I hope to give you at all times during your stay at Boutique Suites.

Do not hesitate to count on me for anything you need, and, with my best smile, I will be happy to make you feel at home.

   Lucia Gonzalez - Concierge

Born and raised in this wonderful location of Arcos de la Frontera.

I have a degree in tourism from the University of Cadiz and several years of experience in the hotel sector.

I consider myself a hard worker and passionate about everything I do.

I like teamwork and new challenges and I put a friendly and welcoming attitude in order to make the guest feel at home.

Anas El Kharroubi - Concierge

I am Moroccan, born in France and raised in Morocco where I graduated from a specialized school for hospitality and tourism.

With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Morocco, I moved to Spain.

My passion for hospitality comes from my desire to bring happiness to people through serving them in the best possible way.

Maria Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez  - Head Housekeeping


Situated in Arcos de la Frontera, a white hilltop town situated within the Sierra de Cadiz.


There is no other word to describe the imposing silhouette of Arcos de la Frontera, as it appears before you. Seemingly almost clinging to the rock upon which it has stood since the Roman era. Today this magnificent hilltop town, recognised as a monument of historical and artistic importance in 1962, consists of two districts and affords spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Parts of the town fall within the boundaries of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Surrounded by the winding River Guadalete, its steep and narrow streets wind charmingly around its most treasured landmarks. Its castle, and the churches of Santa Maria & San Pedro .Standing on the site of the old Roman town of Colonia Arcensis, the Muslims called it Medina Ar-kosch.

Witnessing fierce battles between Muslims and Christians throughout the 13th century, in 1250 it fell under the control of Ferdinand III, who changed the towns name to the present day Arcos. It’s Muslim inhabitants remained, to be finally expelled by Alfonso X in 1264 after rebelling against Christian authority.

The town was ceded to Ruy Lopez as an aristocratic estate in 1408 and, from 1440 until the 18th century, it belonged to the noble house of Ponce de Leon. At the beginning of the 18th century the town was awarded the title of “noble and most faithful town” by the King after it supported Philip V in the War of Succession. Numerous publications have described Arcos de la Frontera as the most beautiful town in Spain.


Check in from 15,00 to 18,00

Checkout from 08,00 to 12,00

Late or early check in by prior arrangement only, subject to availability and may incur an additional cost

Please note that the property is for Adults only and children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the building