Terms of Use


BOUTIQUE SUITES provides this document, which contains the policies, rules and regulations that will govern the relationship between BOUTIQUE SUITES CB and its clients. These Regulations shall also be applicable and binding for:

o Visitors and/or occasional companions of Boutique Suites guests.

o Users of services and facilities open to the public.

o Any person who, even occasionally, visits or wanders inside Boutique Suites.

o Attendees of events taking place at Boutique Suites.

o Contracting parties, organisers and staff involved in the organisation and running of events held at Boutique Suites.

The Regulations will apply to all spaces and areas of the establishment, be they for exclusive or common use, without distinction. These Regulations are available to clients at Boutique Suites reception and they may consult them whenever they wish. Additionally, these Regulations are available on the Boutique Suites website. Ignorance of these Regulations is no defence for non-compliance, as these Regulations are based on current laws and legislation. These Regulations will be in continuous and uninterrupted effect until they are amended or replaced by another. In case of any doubt, it shall be deemed fully satisfactory in all its rules and regulations. The rules and prohibitions contained in these Regulations, and which should be complied with by its intended recipients, should not be understood as exclusive of other analogous or similar behaviours not set forth in it, but that clearly emerge from the spirit and intent of these Regulations. Infringements of these Regulations, to the extent possible, will be corrected immediately and, if appropriate, may be punished in accordance with labour, civil or criminal legislation, irrespective of other responsibilities that the offender may incur and the appropriate legal action to which they are entitled. Boutique Suites reserves the right of admission and to cancel the reservation, without right to refund, of any client who contravenes these Regulations, as well as the rules of living and common sense, or acts in any way disrespectfully to Boutique Suites facilities or other people within it, be they staff or guests of Boutique Suites

We appreciate your choice to stay with us, as well as your strict observance of our Regulations, prepared for your own benefit. In any case, should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact Reception. To this end, we remind you that the Management, together with the concierge, are the main contact or central relationship for guests of Boutique Suites, and for information and advice of the same.

Applicable Legislation

The Internal Regimen Regulation is governed by Spanish law.


This Regulation is available in different languages, but only the text in Spanish is the sole legally binding text, and the one that will prevail if there is any difference of interpretation or any other nature.



Reception is where the necessary steps are taken for registration and admission, and where the magnetic cards are kept to access accommodation. Check-in takes place from 15:00 and until 18:00 on the day of the client's arrival, and Check-out until 12.00 pm on the day of departure. If the guest arrives before Check-in time and Boutique Suites has rooms available, they may be offered an alternative. In the event that, guests have to register their arrival after 20:00, they should notify Boutique Suites, a minimum 24 hours prior to their arrival. Boutique Suites will abstain from providing accommodation to minors, nor do we accept bookings of rooms or stays by minors.


The person or persons who wish to make use of the Suites, common facilities and, where appropriate, complementary services offered by Boutique Suites, must present their identification documents on registration and sign into Boutique Suites Register of the establishment. Valid identification for Spanish nationals are passports, DNI and Driver's License. If you are a foreigner you can only register by presenting a valid Passport or Identity Card if you come from an EU country or any of the following countries: Andorra, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Malta, Monaco, or San Marino. You can also register with a current Spanish Residency Permit if you are a foreign resident in Spain. This rule is mandatory in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain 1922/2.003 of 3 July, which requires registration and entry records for Travellers in a Hotel Establishment, Royal Decree 933/2021 of October 26 and under the provisions of article 12.1 of Organic Law 1/1992, of February 21, on the Protection of Citizen Security. In compliance with the above, all guests must register individually. The registration sheet must be personally signed by all travellers. Boutique Suites provides this facility electronically. A printed copy of the registration is available to guests on request. The accommodation is non-transferable, meaning that Boutique Suites will deny accommodation to any guest who does not comply with this registration requirement and has the power to demand, if it deems it appropriate, the identification of the applicant and the people accompanying them in Boutique Suites. Any person not registered in the police register are also prohibited from entering Boutique Suites, unless with the direct permission of the Management. Boutique Suites Management is not responsible for any false or incomplete information that the guest may provide, or by Boutique Suites based on the details that appear on the identification documents provided to such effects by the client. In compliance with current legislations, the identification data supplied shall be communicated to the authorities by Boutique Suites.


This establishment, once a person or persons have been registered, will prepare an admission document stating the name of the client to formalise the admission (featuring a person, the commercial name of the establishment, the tourist classification, the identification of the allocated accommodation, price per day, the category and price of complementary services provided, and dates of check-in and check-out). Users must provide proof of their condition, producing the admission document, when required. The admission sheet provides proof of the tourist accommodation contract and will serve as proof for administrative purposes, and therefore must be signed by the concerned party to formalise their admission. The original signed document shall remain in the possession of the establishment, who will retain it for the time stipulated by law to be made available for tourist inspection, providing a copy to the guest who signed the same. By signing the document, the client confirms that all the data provided is true and accepts the terms and conditions expressed in the document. Signing the document also assumes that the Client expressly accepts these Regulations, its rights and obligations, and shall be bound to observe the rules contained in the same and those dictated by Management on security, coexistence and hygiene for the proper use of the establishment, its facilities, and the equipment of Boutique Suites.


Users may freely access the establishment and stay in the same, within the limitations contained in legislation and in these Regulations. Users have the right to receive full and accurate information, and for such information to be provided prior to the contracting of services offered. In addition, guests have the right to security, privacy and total peace-of-mind during their stay, in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. Invoices for any services contracted directly to Boutique Suites will be issued to in accordance with the current regulations of the Data Protection Act concerning maintaining the confidentiality of any personal information. In the event of a guest wishing to make a complaint, forms provided by the relevant authoritative department(s) from the corresponding Autonomous Community (region) must be filled out by the guest and handed in at Boutique Suites reception. The submission of any claim or complaint does not exempt the client from the observance of these Regulations or the payment of services. Boutique Suites is not responsible for the price, nor the use of tools, utensils and other services provided outside Boutique Suites establishment, nor the behaviour of any outside staff, unless expressly reflected in their conditions and rates. Rates with the prices and conditions of the different modes of accommodation, catering, bars, safe rental, and complementary services offered by Boutique Suites are detailed in reception for users who request them. It is not possible to reserve services of the establishment or accommodation units against the stipulated price. Complementary services that are offered and are provided in this establishment by other persons or entities, the detail of their scheduled times, their prices, and conditions of use, also found at reception, will be formalised in their corresponding documents and settled in accordance with the conditions agreed. Legal entities or individuals who, on their own basis, provide complementary services in different areas of Boutique Suites, are responsible for their own staff and their behaviour, operation, maintenance, prices, and everything inherent in their own services. Each of the different units clearly identifies the holder of the same. For all of the services and activities, where appropriate, you will find a summary of information in directories, which include information about the menus with their prices, and communication of free services, such as Wi-Fi. In any case, Boutique Suites can offer to their clients, at no additional cost, extra services such as tourist information, storage of valuables in Boutique Suites’ general safe, provided that their contents are declared and signed for by the customer, storage of baggage, and taxi calling service. Boutique Suites is also able to manage certain services beyond the establishment, such as car rental, excursions, restaurants, and other services related to the stay. Boutique Suites may vary the timetables for different services of consumption, use and enjoyment, throughout the seasons, depending on the seasonality, and reserves the right not to admit users outside these hours, or when the maximum authorised capacity is exceeded or admission is limited, thereby damaging the work schedules of such services. Guests’ permission will be sought prior to taking any messages, phone calls, packages or anything addressed to them on their behalf. If the guest cannot be located within Boutique Suites, staff will ensure that the message or package is verified with the guest upon their return and delivered to them appropriately. The rooms and common spaces of Boutique Suites may not be used for uses other than accommodation and/or hired services, either by the guest or his/her companions, or by third parties. Consequently, the aforementioned rooms and/or common spaces may not be used for activities such as conducting interviews, filming, taking pictures for promotional activities, photo sessions, etc., unless previously and expressly authorized by the Management of the establishment and always complying with the rest of Internal Regulations, the conditions set by the aforementioned Management and the regulations that apply to the activity in question.


The billing of accommodation rates will be computed per day and in accordance with the number of overnight stays. The minimum billing for accommodation will be at the rate of one overnight or day, with the understanding that this ends at 12:00 the day after the date of entry. Payment methods accepted by Boutique Suites are the following: Cash, Debit cards (Maestro) and Credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Amex, American Express). Personal cheques are not accepted. When payment is made in cash, this must be done in euros. The payment may not exceed the amount of 1,000 euros and, given that the rights must be exercised in accordance with the requirements of good faith, bills must be used that are appropriate to the amount to pay, meaning that Boutique Suites reserves the right to refuse high denomination bills if the amount to be paid is much lower. Payments with more than 50 coins of euros will also not be accepted. Users are obligated to pay the amount of contracted services when presented with the bill or in accordance with the agreed terms. Any food or other goods found in Boutique Suites room (for example the contents of the minibar), which you consume or take with you when leaving the room will be charged the equivalent amount as shown on the price list available in each room or in Boutique Suites reception. In the event that a client leaves their room and said food or goods are not found in the room, it shall be deemed that these were consumed or taken by the client. The bill can be presented by Boutique Suites before the end of the stay if during this period the services enjoyed (either accommodation, extras or both) meet or exceed the sum of 50 euros. The establishment may require its clients, at any time and after the presentation of the bill and its receipt, to pay for services provided outside the accommodation, even when the payment for this had been agreed in advance. The departure of the client before the end of the contracted stay shall not exempt the client from paying the full amount for all reserved days and contracted services. If a client intends to leave the establishment with a wholly or partially unpaid bill, Boutique Suites will be entitled to request the assistance of the authorities.


Boutique Suites can request advance of payment by credit card for the contracted services, in accordance with the applicable law, of both the full amount of the reservation including taxes and tourist tax that may apply, as well as for extras. This guarantee may be extended to damages or malfunctions that occur in the fixtures, furniture or other elements of the establishment due to negligence or misuse. To such effects, Boutique Suites can ask the client on arrival, or when making their reservation, for a credit card number where, in the case of non-payment of a bill, they can be charged for the same. Such a request may be made even for accommodation that is pre-paid, to ensure payment for extra services that may be used, as well as to cover damages and malfunctions. Boutique Suites reserves the right, in the event of any damages, malfunction or theft in the room or any other area of Boutique Suites by the customer, to use the breakage deposit and/or claim this compensation. Boutique Suites will also be able to use the client’s credit card number to charge or preauthorise the amount of the first night contracted, even days before the clients arrival, to verify the validity of the card. If a card cannot be provided, prepayment for the full stay and a security deposit of 50 euros will be required, as well as upfront payment for any extra services requested. In summary, Boutique Suites will preauthorise at check in the total cost of the stay, plus an additional 50 euros. At check out this will be offset against the cost of the stay plus any chargeable extras. If the extras exceed 50 euros, an additional payment will be required.


Boutique Suites accommodation should be used based on the number of nights booked. Occupation of an accommodation unit begins at 15:00 on the first day of the contracted period and ends at 12:00 noon on the day indicated as the date of departure. However, on dates of maximum occupancy when there is a higher number of check-ins and check-outs, it is possible that not all rooms will be available at this schedule due to reasons of availability and cleaning times, which can lead to a delay of up to four hours in making the accommodation unit available to the user. Availability may also be delayed in the case of exceptional circumstances which prevent, for reasons beyond Boutique Suites’ capabilities, having the room for the corresponding guest at the time fixed for the beginning of the occupation under the normal rules of occupation. We ask that the guest communicates their time of arrival and travel plans to enable Boutique Suites to prepare, and remember that if you do not arrive at Boutique Suites by 18:00 hours (local time) on the day of your arrival, without prior communication from the guest, Boutique Suites will consider the reservation as a “no show” and it will be fully cancelled automatically, charging 100% or the outstanding amount of the reservation. However, the reservation will be kept if the client has communicated their arrival before the time mentioned above. Arrivals after 18.00 on the day of check in will incur an additional 20-euro fee. Check ins cannot be accepted after 23.59 on the day of arrival. For possible changes, both in occupation as well as an extension of the time indicated, please ask at reception, keeping in mind that you must immediately inform Boutique Suite staff should you want to prolong your stay, and always before 12 noon of the departure date. Boutique Suites will honour your request as long as availability permits, duly informing the guest who requested it, and in the case of agreement between the parties, they may agree to a new occupancy status of the accommodation units, which should be reflected in the admission document. Any extension of the time of occupation to that described, without prior agreement, will result in the obligation to pay for one day more. Notwithstanding the above, the client will not be able to extend, without agreement from Boutique Suites, the contracted number of days of stay, due to the serious damage that this could cause for other clients with reservations. Boutique Suites staff has the power to request help from the authorities to evict clients who fail to comply with the above. If the client leaves the room on the day of departure prior to the time set for the Check-Out, there will be no refund for the total amount of the stay. If the client reduces, in whole or in part, the number of guests on the reservation, it is Boutique Suites’ decision whether to grant a refund, though in the case that the room has been indicated as non-refundable or similar, there will be a charge of the full amount of the booking. When guests are absent for more than twenty-four hours without prior notice, Boutique Suites may deem the contract of accommodation to be suspended or terminated, and proceed to collect the luggage in accordance with article 18 of these Regulations, except in the case in which the actual value of the guest's belongings does not guarantee the amount of the bill. Under these circumstances Boutique Suites may terminate or suspend the stay with the absence of the guest for more than twenty-four hours. In the event of the death of the occupant of a room, their heirs or representatives will be responsible for paying the resulting costs, including if necessary the redecoration and disinfection of the room and the replacement of linens and equipment.


As a rule, persons who exceed the contracted room capacity are not permitted to stay. Consequently, no more than two people will be allowed to stay in a suite. For safety reasons a maximum of two people are allowed to a room, or where appropriate, the maximum number according to the room format and type of reservation. Otherwise, Boutique Suites reserves the right to charge the fixed rate for the actual number of persons using the room, and at the same time put an immediate end to the client’s stay. No person has the right to give accommodation to another without the prior consent of Boutique Suites, and if this is given, their movements must be recorded in Boutique Suites Register.


Boutique Suites reserves the right to admit occasional visitors and under no circumstances will they be allowed access to the rooms. If the user wishes to receive visits, Boutique Suites has spaces available for this purpose. Should a user fail to comply, Boutique Suites Management reserves the right to order the immediate departure of the visitor.


Boutique Suites offers the services and benefits commensurate with its category. The price of the accommodation unit is deemed to include water supply, electricity, heating, cooling, use of bed and bathroom linen and cleaning of the accommodation. Some services have additional cost, and in such cases, it is prohibited to use the same or receive their benefits if they have not been previously contracted and must be paid in advance or after being used, as agreed. People who represent Boutique Suites company or provide the services inherent to the accommodation shall, to such purposes, have free access to rooms occupied by clients. This establishment shall, in the provision of its services, comply with the requirements established by Civil Liability covering security in Boutique Suites, being relieved of any liability in the event of personal accidents due to negligence or recklessness of guests or of their companions. In the case of technical deficiencies that are beyond the control of Boutique Suites, then Boutique Suites is committed to managing the solution causing the least inconvenience to the client. The furniture and utensils of the rooms, as well as other areas in Boutique Suites, are part of the services provided and have been prepared with the intention of making the clients stay as pleasant as possible, so we ask that you make proper and respectful use of the same. In any event, they are the property of the establishment, and in the event of any loss, theft, or unjustifiable damage to the same, the establishment reserves the right to charge their corresponding value. Without prejudice to the right of admission, Boutique Suites guests can, in general, access the services and equipment offered by the establishment, except where limitations on access have been placed, which will be fully justified and shall in no case be contrary to any rights or constitutional principles.


Rooms are cleaned daily. The schedule for cleaning rooms is, usually, from 11.00 to 15.00 hours. Clients who do not make their rooms available during these hours will not be able to have their rooms cleaned. If you wish to have your room cleaned, hang the “Please clean this room” sign outside the door to your room. If you do not wish to be disturbed, hang the “Please do not disturb” sign outside the door to your room. After 24 hours, the maximum uninterrupted time permitted by Boutique Suites, the guest’s room will be called by telephone. In the event of no answer, the room will be entered for housekeeping and cleaning. If the phone or the door is answered by the guest, apologies will be offered for the disturbance and a set time is to be agreed with the guest for housekeeping to take place, which must be on the following day at the very latest - provided that the room is in a suitable enough condition for housekeeping to be postponed. Changing of towels and sheets is done at the guests’ convenience, or at least every three days. If you need towels, a change of sheets, replenishing of toiletries, or cleaning of the room within a specific time within the cleaning schedule, you should contact reception.


In each room you will find information about laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services, their prices, delivery schedules and return of garments. The service is not available on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays. The usual turnaround time is up to 48 hours. Boutique Suites is not responsible for the shrinking, discolouring or deterioration of garments due to their conditions or compositions of use. Boutique Suites provides a clothes steamer in each suite, the use of which is entirely at the users’ own risk and Boutique Suites will not accept any responsibility for any damages caused either to the user or any of the users garments. Use extreme caution if you use the steamer in your room.


The garage is a service for Boutique Suites residents, the use of which may be free or, where necessary, dependent on payment of a fee stipulated by Boutique Suites. Do not leave money or valuables inside vehicles. Boutique Suites is not responsible for robbery, theft, or damage to vehicles, including all objects or living creatures contained therein, although they may be parked in spaces provided by Boutique Suites itself. On arrival at the premises, guests will be given a key fob to access the car park, together with directions. This key fob must be handed to reception either at check out or placed in the security box indicated within the car park. Failure to do this will result in a 50-euro charge.


In every accommodation unit a free safe has been installed to store valuables. These safes are provided to store your valuables and/or money in the safe in your room. Boutique Suites will not accept any liability for any loss or damage of any items placed in the room safe and it is used entirely at the guests own risk. Boutique Suites will also not be held liable in the event of armed robbery or any other event of force majeure.


If your physical abilities are limited or you suffer from contagious illnesses or conditions, please inform Reception staff as soon as possible on your arrival to ensure that Boutique Suites can take any appropriate measures that may be necessary. This establishment has a first aid kit, available to any of our guests who may require it. If a guest becomes ill, Reception will contact the medical service at the express request of the guest who requires it so that they can receive medical attention or be transferred to a suitable place, and the cost will be borne by the guest. If the guest who falls ill is not able to act for themselves and there is not a person who may act on their behalf, Boutique Suites will take the necessary steps so that they can receive medical help. In such case, Boutique Suites may require the guest themselves, or failing that, family members or a third party, to cover the costs that Boutique Suites had to assume. If the Guest suffers (or is likely to suffer) an infectious process or other disease and finds themselves in a condition that may (or could be) dangerous for others staying in Boutique Suites, Boutique Suites has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and force the client to leave Boutique Suites immediately. Boutique Suites is not responsible for any kind of accident and/or incident that the guest suffers on Boutique Suites’ premises such as falls, bumps, and animal bites, among others. Any cost arising from such accidents or incidents shall be borne by the guest, exempting Boutique Suites of any liability of a legal nature. In the case of the death of a guest, Boutique Suites may require family members, heirs or a third party to pay, in addition to any outstanding service payments, compensation for expenses incurred by Boutique Suites with reason or relation to the death. The expenses Boutique Suites may claim include cleaning, in addition to those expenses related to normal cleaning, those incurred by Boutique Suites due to illness, death or any other type of event or incident suffered by the guest on the premises of the establishment.


Boutique Suites is a smoke-free environment, meaning that smoking is prohibited throughout the establishment. This smoke-free environment also applies to all rooms. The use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is also strictly prohibited. We remind you that all rooms are equipped with fire and smoke detectors. If a guest is found smoking in their room or any other area of Boutique Suites, Boutique Suites has the power to prevent their stay, reporting them and/or passing on damages and losses. Under all circumstances, your account will be billed a fee of 250 euros per day + VAT or equivalent to be paid at the time of check out for cleaning and deodorising the room or area concerned. The fee for cleaning and elimination of smoke can be subject to change.


For guidance purposes, we inform you that the schedules of the food and beverage services offered or may be offered at Boutique Suites, will generally be included in the following time slots. The Bar schedule: A bar service is provided by our concierges between the hours of 12.00 and 18.00 daily. Outside of these hours an honesty bar policy is adopted. Lists of beverages and prices are available, and guests are required to complete an appropriate form, indicating their name, suite name, items used with quantity, and signature. The costs of these items will be added to the guests final bill and must be settled at check out on the day of departure. The Breakfast schedule: 09.00 - 11.00, seven days per week.  Some schedules may change depending on the time of year or any other circumstance that makes it necessary. Paid-for dining services are personal and not transferable. You are not permitted to take food or drink out of Boutique Suites dining areas. You are also not permitted to bring food or drink into the rooms and/or public areas of Boutique Suites unless they were acquired within the facilities of Boutique Suites, or the bar of the same, otherwise Boutique Suites, at their discretion, may make an additional charge (for bottle opening service, requests for cutlery, or other services provided by the establishment in relation to this issue). Boutique Suites may prevent access by any external food delivery service, even if this service, in breach of the established above, was requested by a guest staying at Boutique Suites. In addition, Boutique Suites is not responsible for any goods brought into Boutique Suites in contravening that stated above. Guests who drink alcohol should do so responsibly. Boutique Suites staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to guests who are not consuming responsibly.


As a general dress code while in Boutique Suites facilities, clothing or apparel should be appropriate and as established for the purpose in each case. In addition, guests must comply with dress codes that may be required especially in certain areas of Boutique Suites, such as the bar, the dining room, or those required by special occasions or events taking place within the premises of Boutique Suites. No one is permitted to enter or stay in Boutique Suites wearing clothes or symbols which incite violence, racism and/or xenophobia. It is also not permitted to walk through or visit Boutique Suites facilities in inappropriate clothing or attire, including, but not limited to: going to Reception in bathrobe or pyjamas, walk through Boutique Suites shirtless. You are not permitted to access Boutique Suites’ dining rooms in work clothes, swimsuits, wet clothing, flip flops, torn T-shorts, vest tops (for men) or without shirts or shoes. Aside from the restrictions mentioned above, the dress code for our accommodation is smart casual.


Guests are not permitted to access or stay at Boutique Suites accompanied by pets, domestic animals of any kind, birds or any other type of animal, with the exception of persons accompanied by guide dogs or dogs for assistance as established in relevant sector legislation for the use of guide dogs for people with impaired vision, in whole or in part. In any case, the person bringing in an animal and/or its owner will be solely responsible for any harm, damages or breakages caused by the animal to objects, goods and/or facilities belonging to Boutique Suites and/or guests and/or visitors to Boutique Suites.


Persons under the age of 18 years, are not permitted in any area of Boutique Suites. The property is designed for adults only. Anyone arriving under the age of 18 years at Boutique Suites will be refused entry, and as so any reservation of the same will be charged at 100% of the cost and no refunds will be given. Anyone found to be under the age of 18 years in the property, will be asked to vacate immediately, and Boutique Suites reserves the right to request assistance of the same to remove said persons.


Items found in rooms or other areas of Boutique Suites, once the period of a guests stay is completed or, where the case may be, suspended, will be removed after the inventory of the same which shall be signed by two witnesses. The items will be available for the client who has lost and/or abandoned them, and may be collected from Boutique Suites between 08:00 and 14:00 Monday to Friday within 48 hours of checkout. Items not collected within the respected timescale may be disposed of at the discretion of Boutique Suites. Boutique Suites will not accept any liability, of items left or lost at the property by guests. To locate the object most quickly and effectively, the client should supply as much information possible relating to the description of the lost item and other circumstances surrounding its loss. If the client requests that the item be sent to them, they must pay the freight transport costs, and any other related costs borne by Boutique Suites. Any personal identification documents (D.N.I., passports, etc.) will be turned over to the police authorities if they are unclaimed. Perishable goods, if not claimed, shall be destroyed the day after they are found. Any other items found will remain in Boutique Suites offices for a maximum period of 2 (two) days. If it is known to whom they may belong, such period will be counted from when this person has been reliably notified at the address provided by the user to the establishment for the forgotten item to be returned (a written request with your address must be presented). In the case where an address is unavailable, or it is not known to whom the item belongs, the period shall be counted from when it was found. The same shall apply in cases of abandonment of belongings in the event of eviction and/or expulsion by the establishment due to non-payment, breach of the rules contained in these Regulations, or any other reason. On expiry of that period of 2 days, the establishment can freely dispose of unclaimed belongings, as it deems most appropriate.


TOWELS: It is forbidden to use towels and other items from the room for outdoor use. WASHING AND DRYING OF CLOTHES: Guests are not permitted to wash clothes in rooms or hang items from the windows, from balcony railings, hung on ropes on balconies, or in hallways. SILENCE: From 22:00 guests must be quiet in hallways and rooms to not disrupt the other guests. Please moderate the volume of your voices and the TV. MOBILE DEVICES: We also request that when using mobile devices in any public area of this property, you use silent mode out of respect for other guests or visitors. COMPUTER DEVICES: When using computer equipment and internet connection located in Boutique Suites, the Guest must act in accordance with current legislation (especially regarding intellectual property laws) and preserve the state of the hardware and software. SECURITY DEVICES: To ensure the security, privacy and peace of mind of guests, this property uses technical devices with permanent recording elements in corridors and other general or common areas, the images of which may be made available to the authorities when required by law. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Boutique Suites has installed enough fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to be used in a possible emergency. In such an event, you must follow the instructions indicated on these devices, and guests must inform Reception. ELECTRIC CURRENT: It is strictly forbidden for guests to use the electric current and mechanical equipment installed in their rooms for purposes other than those for which they were intended. Boutique Suites' security measures strictly prohibit the use of hair straighteners, curlers and other electrical, gas or other devices that may cause a fire in any area of Boutique Suites and in the rooms. To contribute to energy efficiency, you should only turn on the air conditioning with the doors and windows closed and when present in the suite . Guests found not to comply with this regulation may incur an additional charge for the use of excessive electricity. Boutique Suites also reserves the right to turn off the Air Conditioning units should the guest not comply with the regulation.


It is forbidden to take photographs or shoot film or video footage in the establishment in which any other guests or employees of the establishment appear, and even more so if there are persons in swimwear, or any other persons who have special characteristics. It is forbidden to take photographs or shoot film or video footage of the staff of the establishment while they are carrying out their duties, except if the staff member has expressly given their consent, for example, to take a photograph or shoot film or video footage in which it is clearly evident that the staff member is posing for the photograph. Any photographs or film or video footage shot by guests in which other guests or employee can be identified may only be used in the family household sphere, and the publication thereof in any physical medium (documents, articles, leaflets,...), electronic or digital medium (website, social networks, blogs, rating review pages of sites such as Tripadvisor or similar) is completely forbidden. Any unauthorised use of the image of a guest or staff member may constitute an offence against honour, privacy, and/or image, punishable by law with sentences of up to FOUR YEARS, and, in the event of public dissemination, of up to FIVE YEARS imprisonment.


Boutique Suites is for guests use only and booked with free access, without restrictions other than those established in current legislation, the provisions of these Regulations and, in any case, the rules of good coexistence and hygiene. Boutique Suites is not responsible for the behaviour of guests, nor the objects, substances or materials they may bring into their room, because it does not have the authority to check luggage. The public will not be able to enter or remain in Boutique Suites and its premises without satisfying the requirements on which the Company has made the right of admission conditional of having a paid and confirmed reservation at Boutique Suites.

PEOPLE: Access or stays of persons to Boutique Suites will be prohibited under the following conditions: When the established capacity of users inside the establishment has been reached. When it is past the closing hours of Boutique Suites. When they are under the minimum age required to access the venue, under current legislation. When the person seeking access has not paid for the entrance fee or ticket in cases where this is required. When the person displays a violent attitude, particularly if they behave aggressively or cause altercations. When the person is carrying weapons, and objects capable of being used as such, except in accordance with any provisions in specific current legislation, members of the Armed or Security Forces or private bodyguards employed by private companies, who may access the establishment in the performance of their duties. When wearing clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism or xenophobia under the terms outlined in legislation on public safety and the Criminal Code. When causing danger or annoyance to others, or not meeting the standards of personal hygiene in accordance with the social norms prevalent in today’s society and which may consequently cause a nuisance to others. In particular, persons will be prevented from accessing or, when appropriate, staying at the establishment who have consumed drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances, or show symptoms or having consumed them, and those who show signs or behaviours of intoxication. Also, when the person lacks due respect to employees or other customers. When a person behaves improperly, shouts, or causes loud noises that disturb other guests, disrupt the peace in Boutique Suites or the normal functioning of the establishment When they take actions or attitudes against the health and cleanliness of the establishment. When the regulations for the prevention of contagion by COVID-19 (use of masks, safety distance, etc.), or by any other virus that may arise in the future, established by the applicable regulations always, are breached. When they go against the norms of social coexistence of the establishment or provoke, themselves or through persons who must respond to them, any kind of inconvenience to other guests, visitors or third parties, or perform any act that could affect the tranquillity and privacy that guests expect to find during their stay at Boutique Suites. When they carry out, promote or encourage discriminatory acts against other guests, visitors, or employees of Boutique Suites and even their own companions, or act rudely or aggressively to any of them. When they do not pay for services or benefits that require payment. When they remove objects or property belonging to Boutique Suites, either from their room or other areas, without the express consent of Boutique Suites. When they damage or otherwise harm, partially or totally, the facilities, accessories, property, services, and supplies of Boutique Suites, or any other to whom these Regulations apply. When they reveal or share data of a confidential nature of Boutique Suites that has been obtained in the course or as a result of their stay or visit to Boutique Suites establishment. In addition, access and/or stays will be prevented for those who refuse to comply with the legal obligation to fill in and sign the entry records for travellers, with all the data required in the same (including the type and number of identity document), in accordance with the Organic Law 1/1992, of 21 February, of Protection of Public Safety, and the Order Int/1922/2003, of 3 July, of the Ministry of the Interior, about registries and entry records for travellers in hotel establishments and others of a similar nature. When any of the above circumstances occur or a person commits one or more of the restrictions listed above, the staff responsible at the establishment may require them to leave, having paid, where necessary, any outstanding payments for services and consumptions. It is hereby expressly stated that free access to the facilities, services and accommodations of this establishment, for people who wish to do so, will not be denied or restricted on the basis of sex, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance. Boutique Suites can seek the help of the authorities to remove users from their premises who fail to comply with these regulations, who intend to access or stay for purposes other than the normal use of Boutique Suites service and, where appropriate, persons who are not registered as guests, attendees of events, conventions, etc., or who for any other reasons stated in this article provide a reason for denial of access.

ANIMALS: Regarding the acceptance of animals and the conditions for such admission, the following shall apply: The access or stay of people accompanied by pets, domestic animals of any kind, birds or any other type of animal is prohibited, except for people accompanied by guide dogs or assistance as established by the specific regulations on the use of guide dogs by people with visual impairment, total or partial.


In the cases described above, the person is obliged to pay for any costs that have risen until the moment of their prohibition of access or eviction from Boutique Suites.


Movement and stays within Boutique Suites will be in the places reserved for clients, with access strictly prohibited to rooms or spaces that are reserved or private, being expressly excluded any rooms access to which is limited to those who have hired them and any guests who they shall determine. Reserved or restricted areas shall be deemed to be those for the exclusive use of the staff of the establishment, access hallways to administrative offices, kitchens, storerooms, staff locker rooms and other service areas.


The Management of the establishment recommends: You monitor and take care of your luggage and personal items in public areas, in order to avoid any confusion and/or thefts. Do not leave anything unattended. Close the door to your room when leaving, and try to open it again to make sure that it is properly closed, even when only leaving for a short period of time. Keep the door closed when you are in the room. Close your luggage when it is not in use and place it in your closet. If your luggage has a lock, always use it. Protect your room key. Do not simply leave your key at Reception. Always return your key in person when leaving Boutique Suites. If you forget or lose your key, only the reception staff are authorized to provide you with a new key to open your room. Should you lose your key, then Boutique Suites may charge up to 50 euros for a replacement. Immediately notify Management of any unusual occurrence, such as: suspicious acting people in the hallways, repeated phone calls from unidentified people, knocks at the room door by people unknown to you, or not finding anyone at the door when you go to open it. We ask that you do not be offended if you are asked at Reception or any other department to identify yourself. Do not display jewellery, money, or valuables in your room. Do not invite strangers to your room, nor tell them your room number. Do not allow repair staff to enter your room without having requested or authorised it from Boutique Suites Management. Do not allow persons to enter your room with deliveries which you have not requested. When socialising with unknown persons, do not reveal the name of your hotel or your room number. Do not discuss specific plans for future excursions, trips etc., in public or with strangers. Do not store your key card with any document indicating the establishment or room number. Do not show your room key in public places. If you discover any kind of damage or malfunction, please contact reception. The electrical voltage in your room is 220 volts. Respect any accommodation areas during night hours and siestas and avoid making unnecessary noise. Please use the facilities properly, respecting the furniture and the property of Boutique Suites. Please respect the schedules of all facilities. We thank you for your participation if, during your stay in Boutique Suites, any incident or evacuation drill takes place. Some schedules may be subject to change depending on the time of year, such as those which respect to the services of food and beverage.


Partial or total non-observance of any of the rules in these Regulations authorises Boutique Suites to perform, at its sole discretion, any of the following actions: Invite the offender to modify their behaviour or conduct; Require due respect and compliance with standards of behaviour and dress; Insist on compliance with the provisions of these Regulations; Apply targeted sanctions to the offender, such as a warning, suspension of the use of all or part of the facilities and/or services provided by Boutique Suites or exclusion from Boutique Suites establishment. Boutique Suites reserves the right to refuse admission or stays, and in exercising the same will be able to ban the entry of those who have previously violated these Regulations and/or those who fail to comply with the requirements listed above. Communicate and notify the competent public authorities to take any necessary intervention. Boutique Suites Management will apply sanctions considering the following criteria: the severity and nature of the offence and the circumstances surrounding it; any repetition of misconduct by the offender; the background; and the application of previous sanctions to the offender. Boutique Suites reserves the exclusive authority to apply or not apply the sanctions provided for in these Regulations. Under no circumstances should the absence of the application of a sanction to the offender be considered by them or other guests or visitors as a right not to be punished in the future for similar cases or other offences they may commit. In the event that any person fails to comply fully or partially with the norms and rules of these Regulations, in addition to being liable to receive sanctions, the offender shall be obliged to compensate for any damages and harm caused. In any case, the offender indemnifies Boutique Suites against all damages for any claim or complaint that any third party may direct against Boutique Suites because of their failure to comply with the provisions of these Regulations or current legislation. The rules contained in these Regulations should in no way be construed as discrimination against any type of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, race, age or political ideology for whom it is intended, but rather as a suitable means to ensure all its clients the excellence and quality of hotel services. Under no circumstances should these Regulations be interpreted as limiting or restricting the individual rights of those who voluntarily enter the establishment aware of the characteristics of the same and of the powers that Boutique Suites possesses to dictate any other rules or regulations that complement, expand, modify, or replace the rules established herein, or set new rules to adjust the use of specific sectors of the establishment or the way in which those to whom these Regulations apply or other possible applicants must behave, conduct, and present themselves in any area or facilities of the establishment is that of their right to ownership and responsibility for the operation with respect to the rights of their guests or clients. These powers are the responsibility of Boutique Suites who should ensure the proper functioning of the services, with respect to the rights of their guests or clients. In accordance with all the above, Boutique Suites owner may prevent the stay of the client and/or their companions in the establishment, and may directly access the room, without the need for any judicial procedure, in the case of: Total or partial non-payment of the bill (see Article 1 of these Regulations). Lack of agreement on the extension of the client's stay. Use by more than one person of a room booked as a single, more than two people suite. Occurrence of any of the causes that impede access or stay in the establishment, established by the same in exercise of the right to admission. Refusal of the client or any of their companions to fill in and sign the entry records for travellers. Failure by the client and/or their companions to comply with any of the obligations established in these Regulations or current legislation. In such cases, the client and/or their companions will be forced to leave the room, and the full premises of the establishment, immediately after being required to do so by the Management. If the client refuses to leave or reacts in such a way that would constitute a criminal offence, Boutique Suites may request the assistance of the authorities and/or the supervisory tourism body to proceed with the eviction. This does not prejudice to the right of Boutique Suites to claim from the client payment for any unpaid amounts, as well as for any damages, if any, that their behaviour may have caused. The relevant authorities to hear and resolve any dispute or conflicts between Boutique Suites and those to whom these Regulations apply shall be the Ordinary Courts for civil matters of the place in which Boutique Suites is located, renouncing any other jurisdiction that could apply, without prejudice to the intervention of the Criminal Justice system when appropriate.


Boutique Suites, to comply with legal obligations, carry out the provision of the services offered to its clients, offer personalised products and services, improve business relations and manage requests made by our clients, handles clients’ personal data in an automated manner and undertakes to comply with current legislation regarding automated data processing. We hereby inform you that Boutique Suites is the entity responsible for the processing of your data during your stay, while data which you provide to use may be communicated to other entities in order to provide the requested services or to be able to answer questions asked. The main purpose of the processing of data is the management of your stay and the requested services. The legitimization of the processing is established by the execution of the contract of accommodation and services, and where appropriate with express consent granted. The recipients of the data are those established by current laws in force. You may exercise your rights with the entity responsible for your data of access, correction and deletion, in addition to other rights that are specified in the "Additional Information”. Telephone: +34 634461554 Email contact: info@boutiquesuites.es To exercise these rights, the concerned party should write to the address shown above, indicating the right they wish to exercise, and including a copy of a document that identifies them conclusively, be it DNI, passport or another equivalent valid document.


For any type of doubts or questions related to the operation of Boutique Suites you can contact our concierges, who will assist you and, if necessary, will connect you with the person authorized to resolve your doubt or question.


You can find out at the reception desk about trips, services and experiences provided by companies other than Boutique Suites operator (“third companies”). This establishment is not responsible for the services provided by these third companies.



All the facilities or services of our accommodation are equipped with measures that guarantee your safety at all times. Nevertheless, if you consider that the use of a facility or service could entitle any kind of risk for your health or physical integrity, we strongly ask you to contact us to inform you and clarify any questions you have raised about it. In any case, if you feel doubts about the use of any facility or service may entitle risks to your health or physical integrity, please, choose another service or facility.

Rental of rooms. The rental or assignment of any space for any person physical or legal does not exempt the person responsible from performing only activities compatible with legislation and space, being prohibited any illegal, noisy, annoying, unhealthy, dangerous and/or harmful activity. The person who signs the rental or assignment contract, will be responsible for any activity that is developed, as well as the damages they produce and must declare it in advance in order to establish a Coordination of Activities Business (Royal Decree 171/2004). Any breach or lack of solvency, will lead to expulsion from Boutique Suites. If the customer considers that the use of any installation or service may entitle any risk to your health or physical integrity, please contact urgently our Concierges to inform and clarify any questions raised by it in this regard.


In the event the Public Authorities declare an emergency or health crisis that affects the normal development of Boutique Suites, it will be announced on our website, so that, as a Client, you know the measures that are adopted and comply with them. The Client who, in a situation of emergency of health crisis declared by Public Authorities, breaches the internal rules, mandatory or recommendations, implemented in Boutique Suites, it could entitle Boutique Suites to terminate its accommodation contract, cancelling its stay, without right to any compensation, and by noticing this breach to the corresponding Authority.